Win Excellent and Rewarding Prizes with GD Lotto Cambodia

Grand Dragon Lottery, or GD Lotto, as it is widely known, is a lottery game operator in Cambodia. It is committed to offering Live 4 Digit numbers to anyone who enjoys playing the lottery. They are very transparent and stream all their lottery activities live from their headquarters, which are located in Chreythom in Kandal Province. As GD Lotto’s motto is to keep things transparent and fair, they prefer to broadcast everything, including their lottery machines. GD Lotto Cambodia provides everyone an opportunity to participate in order to give them a chance to win some great and rewarding prizes.

In the last few years, GD Lotto has taken some steps to modernize the lottery because of the advancement in technology and also to keep up with the increasing demand amongst players to participate. GD Lotto wishes to give as many people the chance to play the lottery and change their lives for the better. Their games are exciting, fun and transparent, which makes them even better because players know that the operator has their best interest at heart. GD Lotto maintains the values of integrity and honesty to the letter and ensures that all their customers are able to have a memorable experience.

The Grand Dragon lottery is the first 4D lottery game that can be traced straight back to 1951. The game’s popularity has not just risen in Cambodia, but also in other countries in Asia like Singapore and Malaysia. As a matter of fact, it is partly due to the Grand Dragon Lotto that Cambodia has become one of the most prominent lottery destinations in the whole of Asia.

In order to play the GD Lotto Cambodia, players are required to choose their lucky numbers from a total of 13 positions that range from A to M. There are several betting choices that players have at their disposal, which are as follows:

  • 4D Big: It is a big package option in which the 4D number is matched against all 23 number that are drawn in the GD Lotto draw. The price rate can depend on the category.
  • 4D Small: As the name indicates, this is a small package where the 4D number is only matched against the winning numbers for the first, second and third prize. Since the odds are a bit tough in this case, the prize that people can win is also higher than the big package.
  • 4D A: In this category, the 4D number are matched only against the first prize as it is also called the 4D Single A package.
  • 3D ABC Package: In this fourth betting option, the last three digits of your 4D number are to be matched with the first, second and third 4D prize numbers.
  • 3D A: This is the last betting option the GD Lotto Cambodia has to offer where the first 4D prize number are to be matched with the last three digits of the winning number.

When you decide to participate in the GD Lotto, you have to choose your numbers. You can decide to play a set of numbers that are lucky for you or have some meaning. If you are unsure of what to choose, you can try the Quick Pick option. This is when a computer generates the number combination that you can play, which just might work as the draw is also conducted at random. Moving onto the drawing procedure, there are three steps that are involved in the GD Lotto and these are outlined below:

Step 1: The process begins with balls being drawn out labeled with alphabets ranging from A to W. The purpose of these balls is to determine the positon of the number being drawn. For instance, if the letter E is drawn, then the upcoming number will be for the E position.

Step 2: Four transparent lottery machines are used in this process and they are called D2, D3, D4 and D5. A number combination is formed by drawing a ball from each of these machines at the same time.

Step 3: Now, the last step is to draw three additional balls from a total of 13 for determining who gets the first, second and third prize. Each of these three balls are marked with alphabets ranging from A to M.

An appealing aspect of GD Lotto Cambodia is that they encourage responsible play. They are not concerned with making a profit and are truly dedicated to their audience. They have emphasized over and over again that the Grand Dragon lottery game should only be a way to have some fun and entertainment and not be regarded as a source of income. Limits should be set because people can also suffer from losses. Therefore, they convey the message of playing responsibly over and over again and also have a telephone number for offering support services round the clock.

There are five prize categories that players can enjoy in the GD Lotto Cambodia and they are:

  • The first prize that players can win in the game is worth $2,500.
  • The second prize that the GD Lotto has to offer is valued at $1,000.
  • The third prize given out to the winners is worth $500.
  • The fourth prize is called the Starter prize and it is valued at $200.
  • The last prize, called the Consolation Prize, is worth $60.

Considering that the cost per play is just $1, these prizes can be very lucrative and the possibility of winning rises more with the more tickets you buy. Combined with the winning odds, participants have a very high chance of winning a prize in the GD Lotto Cambodia. Last, but not the least, everyone can play this particular lottery game without having to worry about the common lottery scams. This is because of the Zero lottery scam policy by GD Lotto Cambodia in which they take steps to keep their customers information secure and private and guarantees a full payout in terms of prizes.