What You Need to Know about Sportstoto 5D and 6D

The residents of Malaysia and Singapore get a lot of opportunities to change their lives every year in the form of Sportstoto Lotteries. The best thing is that there are many different versions of these lotteries. It really depends on your preferences which lottery you pick and participate in. If you are someone who wants to change his/her life by winning big, you should go for the Sportstoto 6D lottery. However, if you want to take advantage of small but easy wins, Sports 4D and 5D are the perfect games for you. Today, you will know about two of the best games i.e. Sportstoto 5D and Sportstoto 6D.

Introducing Sportstoto 5D

Sportstoto 5D is very similar to Sportstoto 4D in many regards. The first difference, as you can tell from the name, is how many numbers you have to pick. With Sportstoto 5D, you have to pick five numbers of your choice. It is up to you to pick different numbers or repetitions. There is no restriction on how many times you repeat a number. However, just like it is with Sportstoto 4D, the 5D prizes are might not be very attractive for people who want to win big. The maximum prize you can with this game is RM15,000. That’s quite big compared to the 4D prizes but very small compared to the prizes that you can win with 6D lottery.

There are many ways for you to win the 5D lottery. Of course, the first prize is for the person who matches all five numbers. However, you can win something for matching only four and three numbers as well. In fact, you should be glad that you can win some prize from this lottery in six different ways. The prizes from the fourth tie are based on the numbers drawn for the first prize. On the other hand, a unique set of five numbers is drawn for second as well as third position. The sixth prize is for the person who matches only the last two digits of the numbers drawn for the first prize.

You can win a prize of RM5,000 if you match five digits drawn for the second prize. The third prize is RM3,000 and you can take it home by matching another new set of five numbers. Just like in 4D, you have the i-permutation option in 5D for selecting your numbers too. The permutations available in the 5D game are much more in number than they are in 4D. The minimum number of permutations that you can pick is five. On the other hand, the maximum number permutations available are 120. You have to keep in mind that the more permutations you pick the smaller your prize money becomes because your chances of winning increase. For example, if you pick the highest number of permutations i.e. 120, your first prize will only be RM125.

On the other hand, pick only five permutations and you could win a first prize of RM3,000. An important thing to remember here is that you can only use the permutation option for winning the first, second, and third prizes. You can always increase the prize money by putting multiple bets. These numbers are only applicable for an RM1 bet.

Introducing Sportstoto 6D

You know by now what Sportstoto 6D involves. Yes, it requires you to pick six numbers and match them all to win the first prize. The first thing you have to remember is that there are no other ways of playing this particular lottery than the standard play. What that means is that you can’t use the permutation and roll option in this lottery. However, it does not mean that there is only one way for you to win a prize. In fact, there are five ways for anyone participating in this lottery to win. Match only the last or the first five digits of the six drawn numbers and you will qualify for the second prize.

To win the third prize, you have to match only the first or last four numbers of the numbers that have been drawn. The last prize goes to the person matching only two numbers. These two can be the last or the first two numbers. Place an RM1 bet and your first prize will be a huge RM100,000. Just like other games, you can increase your prize money by increasing your bet. For example, if your bet is RM10 rather than RM1, your total winning will be RM1 million, not RM100,000. Increase your bet even more and you will win even bigger prizes in Sportstoto 6D.

Now, one thing to notice here is that the prizes are definitely huge, but they demand you to match more numbers as well. This automatically takes the odds of winning quite high. In short, it is extremely difficult to win a huge prize. On the other hand, when the prize money is small, it is easier to win.

Improve Your Chances of Winning

By now, you should have a good idea of how you can increase your chances of winning. When it comes to Sportstoto 5D, you have the permutation option available. Permutation option allows you to pick all the possible combinations of your chosen numbers. However, they do decrease the size of your prize, so keep that in mind. However, the best way to boost your winning chances is to know the statistics from the past draws. Better yet, you can follow the Sportstoto 5D & 6D results yourself. By looking at the results, you can record any patterns and repeating orders that you notice.

You will always see that certain numbers are appearing in the drawn numbers more frequently and some numbers appear very rarely. The best way for you to bet is to pick the numbers with the highest frequency. There is still no guaranty that you will win the first, second or any other prize, but you will definitely have more chances of winning. So, go ahead and start your in-depth analysis of the 5D and 6D results right now.