West Malaysia 4D Games – Simple with Quick Returns

Lottery is a very popular game in Malaysia. People all over the country love participating in lotto games because they are interested in trying their luck and changing their lives. Even tourists who visit the country enjoy playing these games and winning prizes. Lottery operators can only be licensed to work in the country with the authority of the Malaysian government. Due to the widespread popularity of the games, there has been a greater focus on adding more lotto operators for providing people with a variety of games they can play. One of the lottery games that have attracted a lot of attention are the West Malaysia 4D games.

It is obvious from the name that these are 4-digit games and require participants to select four numbers that they will play in the lottery. These numbers are within the range of 0000 and 9999. A total of 23 numbers are drawn in the draw and even matching a single number makes a player eligible for a prize in West Malaysia 4D games. These games usually have fixed odds. Currently, there are three licensed independent private companies in Malaysia that have been authorized by the government to offer 4D Games in the country.

Magnum 4D: This company offers the classic 4D game in which a 4-digit number has to be chosen along with the respective amount you wish to bet. This was the first firm that was granted a license for offering West Malaysia 4D games.

Da Ma Cai: The name of this operator means Pan-Malaysian Lottery in Mandarin. A mobile betting platform was introduced by this company in December 2016, which is called dmcGO.

Sports Toto: A member of the Berjaya group of Companies, Sports Toto was formed in Malaysia in 1969. In 1985, the company was privatized and is now a wholly owned subsidiary.

There are several ways that players can participate in the West Malaysia 4D games. People can choose the method they believe will enable them to achieve the desired West Malaysia 4D results. Some of the popular betting options that can be explored are:

Standard Entry

First and foremost, there is the standard method of playing 4D games in which a 4-digit number has to be chosen. There are two additional divisions in this entry, which are referred to as Big and Small. Betting on Big makes players eligible for the first, second and third prize and also a consolation prize or special prize. Betting on Small, on the other hand, will only help you in winning the first, second and third prize. The cost of a standard entry is RM 1. However, players should be aware that betting on Small gives them a better chance of getting favorable West Malaysia 4D results.

With than said, the Big bet involves 10 special numbers that reward players a sum of RM 180 on a bet of RM 1. 10 consolation numbers are also involved and a sum of RM 1 can win them RM 60.

4D Roll

Another way of boosting your chance of good West Malaysia 4D results is with 4D Roll. With this mode of play, you replace one number of your 4-digit number with the letter R. This alphabet denotes numbers that range from 0 to 9. Doing so means that players get 10 ordinary entries in the West Malaysia 4D games. There are two categories of 4D Roll, which are known as Roll 1 and Roll 4. In the former, the last digits of the 4D number are chosen and the first is represented by R whereas in the latter, the first three digits are selected and the last is represented by R. As mentioned above, 10 entries are yielded by each 4D Roll so its cost is RM 10.

Insurance Permutation

One of the best ways of ensuring the best possible West Malaysia 4D results on your behalf is by opting for this mode of play, which is designed to cover all possible permutations of the number you have chosen. It can be highly disappointing to see the West Malaysia 4D results and realize that you had the winning numbers, but in the wrong order. Insurance Permutation ensures that have all 24 permutations of your 4D number. You can also choose to cover only 4, 6 or 12 permutations.

The cost of this method of play depends on the number of permutations you choose as each is priced at RM 1. Bear in mind that when it comes to choosing your 4D number, you can do it on your own or go for the Quick Pick option. The first is a good option if you have specific numbers you wish to play and the latter is best for random selection.

The West Malaysia 4D results are announced every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as that’s when the draws are held. Sometimes, special draws are also conducted with permission and approval from the government and these are reserved solely for Tuesdays. Announcement of the special draw is made and tickets can be bought a week before.

As far as prizes that you can get through the West Malaysia 4D results are concerned, they depend on your betting option. If you are playing Big, you have the highest chances of winning, but the prizes are relatively small. This is because the 23 winning numbers are spread across a total of five prize categories; first, second, third, special and consolation prizes. The highest prize that can be won on an RM 1 bet is RM 2,500. The prize can increase, depending on the number of plays. RM 1,000, RM 500, RM 180 and RM 60 are the other prize categories.

With the Small forecast, you get prizes of a higher value, but odds are tough as only 3 of the 23 numbers are allocated to the first, second and third prize categories. The first prize is RM 3,500 on a bet of RM 1, second is RM 2,000 and the last prize is worth RM 1,000.