Sportstoto 5D vs. Sportstoto 6D – Which One Should You Play

If you are looking forward to taking part in a lottery, you have quite a few options available as a citizen of Malaysia. You first have to define your preferences and then pick a game. The good thing is that there is a game for every type of player. Whether you want to win a huge jackpot or just take small prizes home frequently, you will find something for you in the various Sportstoto games. Today, you will see a comparison between two of the most famous Sportstoto games i.e. 5D and 6D. Let’s compare the two and see which one is the best for you.

Comparison between Sportstoto 5D and 6D

Rules of the Game

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the rules of the games. While their names might appear only slightly differently, their rules are very different from each other. In the 5D lottery, you have to pick only five numbers. On the other hand, you can pick six numbers in the 6D jackpot. In addition to that, the way you pick the numbers is completely different with different methods of gaming applying in the 5D jackpot. Furthermore, the way the prizes are calculated is completely different.

In the 6D jackpot, all the prizes are based on the numbers drawn for the first prize. On the other hand, the numbers to win the second and third prize in the 5D lottery are completely different and separate from the first prize. However, the winners starting from the fourth category win their prizes based on the numbers drawn for the first prize.

The Payouts

There should be no doubt about the fact that Sportstoto 5D is no match for 6D when it comes to the sizes of the payouts. The maximum amount you can win with 5D with a single bet is only RM15,000. On the other hand, the jackpot for winning in the first category in 6D starts from RM100,000. Yes, if you increase your bet size, you can enjoy some huge payouts in the 5D game as well. However, you would not want to put a lot of money into the bet when you are not 100% sure that you will win the first prize.

While the first prize for 6D is quite huge, it starts to lose against 5D when you come into the lower winning categories and compare the prizes. The second prize in the 6D lottery is RM3,000. On the other hand, the second prize in the 5D game is RM5,000. When playing 6D, you will receive only RM300 for falling in the third prize winning category. Win the third prize in 5D and you will take home RM3,000.

Ways of Winning

You can say that it is a tie between the two when it comes to the ways of winning. While 6D offers easier ways to win, 5D offers more ways to win. In the 6D jackpot, you can either match the first five digits or the last five digits of the number drawn for the jackpot prize to win the second prize. You have to take the numbers picked for the first prize as the reference for all the prizes. Therefore, the fourth prize can go to someone who matches the first four digits of the drawn numbers. It can also go the person who matches the last four digits of the number drawn for the first prize.

Things are quite different when you talk about the 5D jackpot. You have to match the five numbers to win the first prize of RM15,000. However, the second prize is completely independent from the first prize. The officials pick another set of five numbers that you have to match the second prize. Another new set of five numbers has to be matched to win the third prize as well. However, the last prize winning categories follow the 6D model. The best thing about 5D jackpot is that there are six ways to win something from this lottery.

Ways to Play

You can play the 5D jackpot in more ways than you can play the 6D jackpot. However, the lack of ways to play makes the 6D jackpot very simple and straightforward. On the other hand, you have the I-perm option of playing when you participate in the 5D lottery. The idea of permutation is that you pick some numbers and then the system generates all the possible arrangements of those numbers for you. The number of permutations depends on the randomness of the numbers you have picked. The more similar numbers there are the smaller the number of permutations will be. Contrary to that, when you pick more unique numbers, there will be more permutations.

The maximum of number of permutations that are possible in a 5D game are 120. What it means is that you will pick five unique numbers and the system will generate all the possible 120 arrangements of those numbers. The idea behind this option is to increase your chances of winning.

The Verdict

When you compare the Sportstoto 5D & 6D jackpot, you notice that these two lotteries appeal to two completely different audiences. When you look at the fact that their rules of playing are so different from one another, as mentioned above as well, you instantly realize that comparing them is like comparing oranges to apples. Which lottery you pick depends on your personal preferences. So, if you are okay with small payouts but you want to pick fewer numbers because they increase your chances of winning, you should go with the 5D option.

On the other hand, if you are interested in huge payouts because your aim is to change your life completely, you should go for the 6D jackpot. There are pros and cons of both the types of lotteries. The one thing you have to make sure is to do the proper research that will help you improve your chances of winning. Know the numbers that appear the most in the results, place your bet, and you might just the next person in Malaysia to change his/her life into a dream.