Magnum 4D – An Adventurous and Fun Game for a Lottery Fan

The holding company for the Magnum Berhad Group of Companies, Magnum Berhad was formed in 1975 and moved ahead to be listed at the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. The firm’s primary focus is on the lottery business, which includes betting games and the most notable 4D number forecast. The company offers a game in Malaysia, which is called the Magnum 4D, a draw game that has three draws held in a week and also a special draw every now and then, on selected Tuesdays. Why is Magnum 4D a special game?

It has gained popularity because it is an adventurous games and leads lottery players to some spectacular discoveries. As obvious from the name, Magnum 4D involves 4 digits and it is simple to understand and easy to play, which makes it a top favorite in Malaysia. As mentioned above, there are three draws held in a week, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, sometimes special draws are also held and these are conducted on Tuesdays.

As far as playing Magnum 4D is concerned, it is very similar to other lottery games and only has a few variations when it comes to the method of play. The first thing that players need to do is to visit a Magnum 4D outlet for buying a ticket. Tickets can also be bought online nowadays. It is possible to participate in the game at any time, even on the day of the draw as long as they are bought before 7 p.m. From that point onwards, the sale of the tickets is halted until the draw is conducted. Tickets that are bought after this time are applicable to the next Magnum 4D draw to be held.

The requirements for playing Magnum 4D state that you need to be at least 21 years old and playing the game shouldn’t be against your religious beliefs. When you are buying a Magnum 4D ticket, you will see that there are four ways that you can play this game, which are:


It is exactly as simple as the name indicates. You have to choose four numbers for winning a prize. The numbers you select can be important to you like your lucky numbers or your birthday or anniversary. Alternatively, you can also get inspiration from the 4D dictionary, a facility that is provided on the Magnum 4D website. You can choose the numbers manually or go with Lucky Pick, in which the computer terminal generates numbers on your behalf. The second step is to decide whether to play big, small or both. 23 winning numbers are drawn in the draw and playing big allows you to win across all the numbers. These 23 numbers consist of the first, second and third prize, 10 consultation prizes and 10 special prizes.

Playing small means you are eligible for the first three prizes only, which reduces your chances of winning. To compensate for these odds, small bets have bigger payouts. The minimum amount you can bet is RM 1 for both betting types.

mBox Play

In this mode of play, the 4D number you choose are permutated. This means that a single number selection will generate 24 combinations for exhausting all possible combinations. The purpose of this method is to prevent frustration amongst lottery players that they experience when they realize that they had the right numbers, only in an incorrect order. 4 types of mBox combinations are available, which are:

  • mBox 24: As indicated, this gives you 24 combinations of the numbers chosen.
  • mBox 12: You get 12 combinations in this variation if you choose two similar numbers like 2440.
  • mBox 6: Six combinations are available in this combination and is used when you have two sets of similar numbers like 5577.
  • mBox 4: You get four combinations and is applicable when you have three similar numbers in your combination.

Roll Play

If you are feeling lucky, Roll Play enables you to choose three digits and roll the fourth one. Tis generates 10 different 4D numbers for every individual purchase. It is an excellent way of increasing your chances of winning. The minimum bet under this mode of play is RM 10.

Permutation Play

With this mode of play, you get an even better chance of winning Magnum 4D. Similar to mBox, it covers all possible permutations of your 4D number. The difference between the two is that in mBox, you pay for the individual combinations as if it was part of a single play whereas in Permutation Play, you are playing the combinations separately.

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy and the more you purchase, the greater your chances of winning a prize. In Magnum 4D, you can purchase tickets for future draws up to 5 subsequent draws. The Magnum 4D results are announced through multiple channels and if you have bought tickets, you need to check them immediately. Checking the Magnum 4D results will tell you if you have won a prize in the draw and you can start claiming it right away. Winners have approximately 6 months from the date of the draw to claiming their prize.

Hence, even if you don’t watch the Magnum 4D results right away, you still have time later on when you do eventually see them. The good news about the Magnum 4D game is the tickets already have good and services tax and also gaming tax added into their price. This means that every RM 1 play is final. Plus, there are no limitations on who can purchase a ticket, which indicates that even foreigners can participate in the game with ease.

As far as the prizes are concerned, they depend on the number of tickets you buy. For RM 1, if you play big, you can win RM 2,500 and if you pay small, RM 3500. Playing both wins you RM 6,000. The other categories are:

  • RM 1,000 for a big bet, RM 2,000 for a small bet and RM 3,000 for both.
  • RM 500 for a big bet, RM 1,000 for playing small and RM 1,500 for both.
  • Special and consolation prizes are RM 180 and RM 60 respectively, only available when you play big.