Get a Chance to Win Massive Prizes with Da Ma Cai 3+3D

Since its establishment, the Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd has been dedicated to develop and launch lottery games in the country. Their purpose has been to introduce lotto games that give people the opportunity to have fun and also a chance to win big. The company has also worked on some development initiatives as it wishes to empower the community by providing quality education and more. A number of lottery games have been introduced and the Da Ma Cai 3+3D is one such game that enjoys a great deal of popularity. This is mostly due to the fact that it is immensely easy to play this game and it offers layers of prizes to the players.

Playing this game is immensely simple, especially if you have already tried other Da Ma Cai games. It is also a part of the 3D game category, but comes with a bonus that adds a unique element to it. Hence, unlike the usual 3D games, you actually have to choose two sets of 3D numbers in order to participate in the Da Ma Cai 3+3D. The numbers have to be selected from the range of 000 and 999. As each set of numbers is three, this means that you have to choose a total of six numbers.

Other than these two set of numbers, you also have to choose a bonus from the Chinese Zodiac, which is comprises of 12 signs for 12 months. After you have chosen your numbers, you can place your bet. The best thing about this game is that the cost per play is just RM 1, which means the Da Ma Cai 3+3D jackpot can be huge. As mentioned before, Chinese Zodiac signs are part of the Bonus element and each of them have a unique symbol. The symbols that you can find are:

  • Rat- Rat
  • Ox- Ox
  • Tiger- Ti
  • Rabbit- Rb
  • Dragon- Dr
  • Snake- Sn
  • Horse- Hs
  • Goat- Gt
  • Monkey- Mk
  • Rooster- Rs
  • Dog- Dog
  • Boar- Bo

There are a number of ways you can play this game and increase your odds of winning the Da Ma Cai 3+3D Jackpot. You can walk away with big prizes with some of these methods. The first option that you can try out is the Straight Bet and is the simplest way to participate in this game. As stated earlier, you have to choose two sets of 3D numbers between 000 and 999 and one Chinese Zodiac bonus. One set of numbers is referred to as the front 3D and the second is called the back 3D.

If you are not interested in playing the simple way, you can also go with the Box Bet. It is a rather clever way of covering all or some of the possible permutations of the numbers you have chosen. You can use the Box Bet option for the front 3D or back 3D numbers. You can maximize your chances of winning the Da Ma Cai 3+3D Jackpot with this option as you can enter different combinations. For instance, if you have chosen all unique numbers to play, the total permutations you will get is 720 and the cost will also be RM 720.

There is another method of play referred to as Roll Play in which you basically cover all the numbers from 0 to 9 for the digit you have rolled. The remaining numbers are left unchanged and this can give you a total of 10 different combinations. The maximum number of digits that can be rolled is 2. There is also a Z bet option in which all Chinese symbols are covered, which improves your chances of winning the bonus prize. There is also the iZ bet option that enables you to win the fixed odd prize, along with the bonus prize and all at a cost of just RM 1.

The good thing about the Da Ma Cai 3+3D is that it also gives you the opportunity of Combination bet. It is not just a unique option, but also boosts your chances of winning the Da Ma Cai 3+3D Jackpot because you can combine numerous bet options. This means that you can combine box bet, roll bet or even Z/iZ bet. You can roll the first 3D numbers and use the Box Bet for the back 3D numbers. The combinations can be chosen by the player. There is also the System Bet in which you can choose anywhere between 3 to 25 sets of 3D numbers.

Through this betting option, players can bet about 360 3D number combinations. There are three chances in a week of winning the Da Ma Cai 3+3D Jackpot as the draws are held on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. In fact, sometimes a special draw is also held, but this is mostly on Tuesdays. The prizes that players can win through this game are:

  • The first prize is valued at RM 120,000 and in order to take it home, players are required to match all six numbers in the exact order.
  • For the second prize, players have to match all six numbers that are drawn for this particular category and the winnings amount to RM 15,000.
  • The third prize is around RM 10,000 and players have to match six numbers in the correct order drawn for this particular prize category.
  • The starter prize is called RM 2,500 and six digits drawn for this particular category have to be matched in the correct order.
  • The last prize is called the consolation prize and is valued at RM 1,000.

There are some additional prizes that can also be won for matching the front or back 3D numbers for the first, second and third prize categories and they are valued at RM 5. You can win RM 2 if you match the front or back 3D numbers for the starter or consolation prize. Other than the Da Ma Cai 3+3D Jackpot, there are plenty of bonuses to go around as well, which are between RM 30,000 and RM 50,000.