GD Lotto Quick Pick Vs Self Pick – Which is Better?

When you are laying the lottery, you obviously have to choose the numbers you want to play. Obviously, everyone has different ways of picking the numbers they want to play. Some players decide to play the same set of numbers in every single draw they participate in because these numbers are centered round key dates in their lives such as anniversaries or birthdays. Others play their lucky numbers and believe they will work eventually. Apart from these regular methods of choosing the numbers you want to play, there is also another option at their disposal. This is the Quick Pick option.

What exactly is the Quick Pick option? It is when the computer generates a set of numbers that players use for their ticket. You can use the GD Lotto Quick Pick option when you are participating in the Grand Dragon Lottery. One of the most renowned lotteries in Asia, the GD Lotto is played in several countries including China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. The game is popular because it is very cheap to play and has great returns and odds. Thanks to technological advancement, even players from other countries can try their luck and win good prizes.

However, in order to win, you first need to choose the numbers you want to use. For the GD Lotto, four numbers are needed as it is a four-digit lottery game. There is an obvious advantage that a player can enjoy when they decide to use the GD Lotto Quick Pick option; it is convenient and fast. If all you are interested in is getting into the game and get a chance to win the jackpot, there is no better option than Quick Pick because you will be able to make your selection within seconds. There is no need for you to think over your numbers and you don’t have to waste your time in filling out any forms either.

Another thing that the Quick Pick option has going for them is the fact that the numbers it generates are completely random as are the numbers that are drawn in the lottery game. If you choose your own numbers, it means you are trying to outguess the computer and this can actually harm your odds. Furthermore, the problem with people is that they are more likely to choose numbers that mean something to them, as mentioned above. This means that some numbers are more likely to be chosen than others, particular numbers in the range of 1 and 31 as they correspond with dates.

With GD Lotto Quick Pick, you will be able to choose unique numbers that are less likely to be played by others and this is good because it means that you will not have to split the prize with anyone else in case you win. Another advantage of choosing to play with Quick Pick numbers is that it will generate a completely new set of numbers for every single draw. This can actually add to the anticipation of the participants. Players who are using the same numbers every week are more likely to become fatigued and eventually give up on playing entirely.

Hence, Quick Pick option keeps players motivated and enables them to try new numbers in each draw through which they are able to enjoy an equal chance of winning. Nonetheless, there are players out there who prefer to have the control when they are choosing the numbers. As they are paying for the tickets, they want to be able to choose the numbers as well. They may have fun by playing a number that seems lucky or one they found in a fortune cookie. Players may also want to use the birth dates of someone special as a way to remember them.

While it is said that when picking numbers, players often select the common ones, it is also a fact that they have the option of not choosing the common numbers. All numbers in the GD Lotto have an equal chance of being drawn and you can reduce the chances of having to share your prize with anyone by playing numbers that are rarely drawn. This is something that doesn’t happen in Quick Pick. The Quick Pick option only generates random numbers; it doesn’t weigh the lottery numbers to give you a higher chance of winning the jackpot.

Plus, there is also a chance that when you are using Quick Pick that another player might have the same combination of numbers. Quick Pick lottery numbers can also repeat themselves, which means two players may have the same numbers on their tickets. So, what option should you go for? Is Quick Pick better or should you choose Self-Pick option? How can you decide?

If you take a look at the statistics, you will discover that more players who have chosen to play with the Quick Pick option have won jackpots as opposed to those who choose their own numbers. This could be because of the fact that at least 70 percent to 80 percent of lottery players prefer to use the Quick Pick option when choosing their numbers instead of selecting their own. This is because, try as you might, it can be immensely difficult for anyone to choose fully random numbers on their own.

When you let the computer choose your lotto numbers for you through the GD Lotto Quick Pick option, you are getting an edge over others because the numbers are random, just like the draw numbers. In addition, the Quick Pick option may also be more preferable because it is not very time consuming. Not everyone has the time to analyze patterns or figure out what numbers are lucky for them and then choose a number combination accordingly. In this situation, the Quick Pick option is very fast. Likewise, when you are in a hurry, then also you can just pick the numbers with Quick Pick and play them. Your chances of winning a prize will be high and you will be less likely to share the prize.