Change your Fortunes with the GD Lotto Vietnam

One of the most popular lottery games in Asia is none other than the Grand Dragon Lottery, or GD Lotto, as it is known. The game has gained recognition because it follows a unique format, has a very low cost of play and the potential of offering huge returns. People can play this lottery game in several countries in Asia such as Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Vietnam. In every region, GD lotto helps in changing fortunes and gives people a chance to fulfill their dreams in the best possible way. Who doesn’t want a chance to do so? Everyone wants to accomplish this due to which the game is popular amongst residents and visitors alike.

The origins of the GD Lotto Vietnam go all the way back to 1951 when the first draw was held in Kerala. Since then, the game has spread far and wide and has also adapted itself to the changes that have taken place in the modern lottery world. First and foremost, it is the format of the GD Lotto Vietnam that’s highly appealing. Most lottery games are usually based on six numbers plus bonus numbers. However, this is not applicable to the Grand Dragon lottery as this is a 4-digit lottery game.

Yes, that’s right. When you participate in the GD Lotto Vietnam, you will have to select four numbers that you will play and get the opportunity to win a prize. There are 13 winning positions from which you have to choose your numbers and these range from A till M. When you decide to participate in this game, you will find that there are several betting packages that you can choose from. The very first option that you will come across is called 4D Big, which is referred to as the big package. The good thing about this betting choice is that the prizes are spread over all 23 winning numbers. The cost for every category is different.

4D Small is the next betting package you will find, which is called the small package, and you have to match your 4D number against the first, second and third prize only. The odds might be tough, but the good news is that this option can offer you bigger prizes than the big package. There is also the 4D Single A package, otherwise known as the 4D A package, and it will only match all four digits against those of the first number. The 3D ABC Package is the fourth option in which the first, second and third prize number are matched with the last three digits of the winning number.

The last betting option that can players can use when playing the GD Lotto Vietnam is called 3D A and here the first 4D prize number is matched against the last 3 digits of the winning number. You can choose any of these betting choices when you are playing the Grand Dragon lottery game. It is up to you to choose the numbers you wish to play. As mentioned before, you have to select four numbers in order to participate. These four numbers can be chosen by the players on their own. For instance, if you have any lucky numbers or want to use birthdays, anniversaries or other important events as your numbers.

But, if you are out of ideas and are wondering what numbers to play in order to boost your chances of winning the GD Lotto Vietnam, then you can go with the Quick Pick option. This is when players allow a computer to generate a combination of numbers for them. This is a very common tactic and can also be effective because the draws are also conducted randomly. The cost of a single play in the Grand Dragon Lottery is $1 and the prizes are quite lucrative in comparison. There are a total of five prize categories and buying even a single ticket gives you the opportunity of winning one. What are these prizes? Let’s take a look:

  • The first prize in the GD Lotto Vietnam carries a value of $2,500.
  • The second prize in this lottery game is valued at $1,000.
  • The third prize in the Grand Dragon lottery is worth $500.
  • The fourth prize is referred to as the Starter Prize and it is worth $200.
  • The last prize, also called the Consolation prize, and it is approximately $60.

The winning odds are not very tough, which means that anyone can walk away with a prize in the GD Lotto Vietnam, as long as they choose smart numbers. Another good thing about this lottery game is that other than the regular prizes, there is also a Bonus jackpot associated with it. Players have the chance of winning the big bonus, the small bonus and also the Super bonus and every player has the chance of winning it.

One of the best things about the GD Lotto Vietnam is that the draw is completely transparent and fair. The draws are conducted with complete integrity and honesty and are live streamed to the public to ensure there is no human interference. The public is also allowed to view the draw if they wish and officials are also present to ensure its accuracy and fairness. The draws of the GD Lotto Vietnam are conducted three days a week, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. This means you have multiple opportunities of winning the lottery.

Another feature that appeals to players about the Grand Dragon lottery is that they have taken special measures to ensure the privacy and security of user information. They are aware of the widespread scams so have taken preemptive measures to minimize any risks and reassure participants. All financial information is carefully safeguarded and they have implemented the toughest security measures. Plus, the lottery has also been modernized as an app has been introduced to make it more convenient for players to participate. You can not only play the GD Lotto Vietnam via the app, but also view results easily.