4D Games in Malaysia

The sole authority that has the responsibility of licensing lottery operators in the country is the Malaysian government. Considering the vibrancy of the lottery in Malaysia, the country has been dealing with an increased demand for licensing a greater number of operators in order to level the playing field. 4D is one of the draw games that has successfully attracted a large following in Malaysia. As the name indicates clearly, 4D means 4 digits. This means that lottery players are required to choose numbers between the range of 0000 and 9999. A total of 23 numbers are drawn during the process and even if a single number is matched by the player, they will take home a prize.

As far as the odds of the game are concerned, they are fixed. When it comes to participating in the 4D games in Malaysia, there are two ways this can be done. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Standard Entry

In this method, you have to select a specific number like 2347. There are two additional divisions in Standard Entry, which are BIG and SMALL. Betting on the latter means that you will only be able to win the first, second and third prize. But, if you decide to bet on BIG, you will take home the first, second and third prize as well as a constitution or special prize. For every standard entry, the price of the ticket is 1 Malaysian Ringgit (RM).

With that said, players should remember that the SMALL bet can actually win them higher prizes. On the other hand, the BIG bet boasts 10 special numbers in addition to the 1st place and these reward players with RM 180 for placing a single bet worth RM 1. Furthermore, there are 10 consolation numbers that, for a bet of RM 1, pay RM 60 each.

4D Roll

With this method, any one of the total 4 digits of the winning number are substituted with the letter R. This is when R is used for denoting the number of digits that range from 0 to 9. For instance, if the number 2347 has been selected, one of the numbers can be substituted with R to make it R347. This provides you with 10 ordinary entries, which include 0347, 1347, 2347, 3347, 4347, 5347, 6347, 7347, 8347 and 9347. Bear in mind that the R can be on any position like the first, second, third or fourth digit.

You can find Roll 1 and Roll 4. In the former, you select the last three digits of your number and R represents the first number ranging between 0 and 9. In the latter, you select the first three digits and R represents the last digit. As every 4D roll gives you 10 entries, the cost of playing this option is R10.

Insurance Permutation

This entry is calculated using any possible permutations of the 4D number. For instance, in the case of 2347, there can be 24 permutations such as 7342, 2374, 3247 and 7423 amongst others. Under this type of entry, you can choose the number of permutations you want such as 4, 6, 12 or 24. Choosing 4 permutations means that you get 4 sets of numbers and your total cost is RM 4. The same is applicable to other number permutations. When choosing your numbers, it is up to you to select the numbers manually or go with the Quick Pick option. In the latter option, the computer will select random numbers on your behalf.

4D Games in Malaysia

There are three independent private companies that have been licensed by the government of Malaysia to offer these 4D games and these are Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai. The drawings for Malaysia 4D are held on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. However, there are also instances when a special draw is conducted and it is usually held on Tuesday. The Ministry needs to endorse and authorize a special draw and it is usually held for events such as the Chinese New Year or birthdays of Rulers and Sultans.

4D Prize Claiming

After the draw has been conducted, you can check the results on the official Malaysia 4D sites to confirm if you have won. For instance, if you want to check the Toto 4D results, you can visit the official Sports Toto website. If you have won a prize, you have 181 days from the date of the draw to claim your prize. The claiming process requires you to provide your passport or identification card along with the winning ticket. If your winnings are below RM 60,000, you can collect them from any Malaysian 4D outlet.

Any prize above RM 60,000 and less than RM 2,000,000 can be claimed by visiting the regional office of a 4D operator in Malaysia. For prizes that are greater than RM 2,000,000, you have visit the headquarters of the respective 4D operator.

4D Prizes


In this category, the odds of winning are higher, but the prizes are small. The prizes that you can win are:

  • The first prize carries a value of RM 2,500.
  • The second prize category is approximately RM 1,000.
  • The third prize is valued at RM 500.
  • The special prize category allows you to win RM 180.
  • The consolation prize category enables you to win RM 60.


Here, the prizes are higher in value as compared to the BIG forecast, but the odds of winning these prizes are tough. As far as the distribution of prizes is concerned, here is the breakdown:

  • The first prize in this draw has a value of RM 3,500.
  • The second prize category carries a prize value of RM 2,000.
  • The third prize that you can win is valued at RM 1,000.

The prizes of the 4D lottery games are undoubtedly unique and with the low cost of the ticket, the games are quite worthwhile. You can use the services of an agent to participate in Toto 4D and other 4D games in Malaysia with ease and get a chance to win prizes.